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January 28, 2015

Rat and Mice Infestation- Extermination or Removal Services

The two most common rodents to invade homes in the United States (and yes, this includes San Antonio), are the house mouse and the Norway rat. They live in every region of our country. Rats are more common in urban areas (think Ratatouille), while mice …

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Beehive Removal by Vespid Pest Control

Fear bees no more! Vespid Pest control made an appearance on KSAT 12 News, October 29, 2012 as we performed a bee hive extraction from an abandoned house on San Antonio‚Äôs West Side. Take a look at the footage of our professional team suiting up …

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Beehive Removal Service in San Antonio

Dangers of doing a rodent removal yourself

Rodent Removals range from the squirrels, mice, rats and birds that find ways into the attic space of your home to opossums, skunks, raccoons and snakes that become an unwelcome guest patrolling the perimeters of your home. Although these pesky varmints may look harmless and …

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Rodent Removal Services San Antonio
October 28, 2013

San Antonio Exterminator Beehive Removals

San Antonio Exterminator; Vespid Pest Control LLC is winding down after this years bee season, but there still may be some swarming dangers due to the extended warm weather in South Texas. As your San Antonio Pest Control Company, Vespid Pest Control provides Bee Removal …

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San Antonio Exterminator Services with the professional experience and training to do the job right!
August 1, 2013

Do it yourself Pest Control- Part 1

Part One- Addressing Beehive Removals, Beehive Treatments and Roach Infestations. Whether you have a roach infestation, need a bee nest removed from the garage, have noticed termites in the structure of your home or bedbugs biting at you at night, you have a problem that …

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Do it yourself pest control