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Welcome to Houston and San Antonio Tx Pest Control from Vespid Pest Control

Affordable Pest Control Service Vespid Pest Control had been providing Houston and San Antonio Tx residents with the very best, most reliable and fastest solutions to all their pest and rodent problem.

For over 7 years Vespid Pest Control has been a go to Houston and San Antonio Tx Pest Control service company, assisting residence in eliminating their pest and rodent infestations. We are a licensed and bonded company in the state of Texas. Our team of professionals are required to stay informed with up to date information with industry standards regarding processes, procedures and tools for eliminating the unwanted pests and rodents in their homes. We maintain a level of professionalism and provide our services in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The very best San Antonio and Houston Tx Pest Control Service is Vespid Pest Control

Call on Vespid Pest Control, when you need a team of professionals, who provide dependable Pest Control Treatments and Services that include; Bee Nest Removal, Termite Pest Control, Pest Inspections, Rodent Trapping, and treatment for any unwanted pest you may find invading your home. When you have bugs, know that you have Vespid Pest Control at your service! We provide Affordable Pest Control Services in San Antonio and Houston Tx areas. Rat pest control, bees pest control, ant pest control for your home or business . With over 25 years experience we can help with any insect control, wildlife removal or termite treatment issues you may have.

If you have insects in the house such as: roaches, termites, honey bees, ants, silverfish or even scorpions, call Houston and San Antonio Pest Control company trusted by residents for over five years. Call Vespid Pest Control today (210)-909-8858 and (832) - 415-1131 (-

Rat Pest Control San Antonio Tx

Affordable Pest Control Service

New Name. Better Pest Control Service. Vespid.

Affordable Pest Control Service, we Are Vespid Pest Control-The San Antonio and Houston Tx Pest Control Service providing Rodent Removal Services and Pest Exterminations to San Antonio and the surrounding areas. From Termite Inspections to Bedbug Treatments, we help you to live bug free! Call for a free estimate!

Honey Bee Removal Service
Mike Sexton Beekeeper Houston Tx

Complete Pest Inspection !

Vespid Pest Control will come to your home or business and perform a complete pest control inspection to identify any pest problems you may have and customize a prevention plan aswell.

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Affordable Bee Removal Service
Affordable honey bee removal service done right by local bee experts!

Specialty Pest Control Service

Vespid Pest Control offers the option to add any specialty pest control service to your treatment.

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News Update.

August 9, 2013

What the Heck is a Vespid?

Since our name change from Stinger to Vespid, we have had many people ask us, “What the heck does Vespid mean”? We don’t want to leave ...
Vespid Pest Control