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Vespid Pest Control is San Antonio's Pest Control Company- for Bee Hive Removals, Rodent Control and Pest Control Services, call for a free estimate today at (210)-909-8858

Vespid Pest Control is a family owned and operated company servicing San Antonio and surrounding areas. Vespid Pest Control offers their expertise in Rodent Control and Pest Extermination for San Antonio residence and businesses, including Bee Nest Removal, Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment, Live Rodent Extraction, and more. With Vespid Pest Control Services you can expect to receive the very best; Pest Control and Rodent Control Services, from our experienced and knowledgable team.

Whether you have insects in the house or a raccoon vandalizing your backyard, Vespid has the experience and knowledge to eliminate insects in the house, remove bee nests from trees and rodents in the attic. Call Vespid Pest Control today; 210.909.8858 to schedule a free service estimate to have you living insect and rodent free once again.

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Beehive Removal Services in San Antonio
Travis is an experienced Pest Control Exterminator providing Beehive Removal Services in San Antonio.
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Mike Sexton

Our Services at a glance.

rodent removal
A Rodent Removal can be dangerous, call professionals and stay safe!

Rodent Removal Services

Our Rodent Removal Services offer home owners an alternative to cruel rodent removal processes. Our team of professionals analyze every situation and make every effort to return rodents to their natural habitat unharmed. When you want a humane solution to your rodent problem, call on the professionals at Vespid Pest Control LLC. 210-909-8858

San Antonio Exterminator Services with the professional experience and training to do the job right!

Bee Nest Removal Services

Call Vespid Pest Control if you notice some unwanted buzzing around your home and need professional Bee Nest Removal, Wasp Nest Removal, or Honey Bee Nest Extraction Services, 210.909.8858!

Basic Pest Control Service

Vespid Pest Control Service has an array of Basic Pest Control Services common in the San Antonio area. Some of our basic Pest Control Services include American Roaches, Earwigs, Fire Ants and Scorpions. For more services covered under Basic Pest Control Services, give us a call!

Seasonal Christmas Light Services

Our Christmas light installation packages are customized to fit the needs of both local businesses and residents who want a professional display of Christmas Lights that can be cost effective without limiting the appeal.