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August 1, 2013

Do it yourself Pest Control- Part 1

Part One- Addressing Beehive Removals, Beehive Treatments and Roach Infestations.

Whether you have a roach infestation, need a bee nest removed from the garage, have noticed termites in the structure of your home or bedbugs biting at you at night, you have a problem that you know needs to be addressed. Many San Antonio residents seeking a solution to their pest infestations, attempt to resolve their problem on their own. Do it yourself pest control, may not be as easy or as effective as you hope it will be.

The Danger in Do it yourself Pest Control

Attempting to resolve your pest infestation alone poses certain threats that you should consider before taking on the task. Removing a Bees Nest poses the most immediate threat to both you and surrounding residents. A common approach is spraying the beehive with pesticides, and running as fast as possible to a nearby shelter. This is dangerous, because many of the do it yourself pest control pesticides available in local grocery and hardware stores, do not work, or are not intended to be sprayed on the actual hive, but rather a bee that may have made its way into your home. Spraying these chemicals on the beehive usually ends up aggravating more bees than it kills. Certified San Antonio Exterminators such as Vespid Pest Control, approach a beehive removal with caution, proper gear, and the appropriate chemicals needed to quickly extinguish the danger of a beehive. We encourage residents not to attempt a beehive removal or attempt to kill the hive with store bought pesticides, in order to keep you and your family safe.

Pest Infestations and proper pest control treatments

Because of the various pests that can invade your home, it is important that you know exactly what you are dealing with to administer the proper pest control treatment. There is a big difference in how the team at Vespid approaches a German Roach infestation vs. an American Roach infestation. With years of experience as San Antonio Exterminators, Vespid Pest Control technicians know where to look, how to determine and how to resolve your roach infestation, regardless of the type of roach you may have.

Often residents are unsure of the severity of their infestation, which is why we urge you to request a pest inspection for proper insight into your problem. After your problem is diagnosed, your technician can provide you with options to effectively eliminate the pest invading your home, using methods that will not put your health in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many who attempt Do it yourself pest control, use improper amounts of chemicals, which can make you sick or not affect the infestation in a positive manner. If you have tried to eliminate your pest infestation, and still see evidence of its presence, give Vespid Pest Control a call, and let us help you diagnose your pest control problem.

Next time we will address more dangers of Do it you Pest Control, when we discuss Bed Bug infestations and the damaging termite infestations. Until then, we hope you are living bug and insect free, if not contact Vespid Pest Control a call today, so we can help, 210.909.8858