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January 28, 2015

Rat and Mice Infestation- Extermination or Removal Services

The two most common rodents to invade homes in the United States (and yes, this includes San Antonio), are the house mouse and the Norway rat. They live in every region of our country. Rats are more common in urban areas (think Ratatouille), while mice are more relevant in suburbia (Cinderella).

Most people do not actually have to see these critters to know that they have an infestation. What people tend to notice first is the droppings, boxes of food that have been gnawed on and chewed through.
The damage caused by mice and rats can be considerable, as they have been known to chew through furniture, PVC piping and electrical wires. Although the damage is frustrating and can be costly, the greatest risk that these rodents pose to humans is not the cost of repairs, but rather the diseases that they carry.

A rat or mouse hanging out around food that is then consumed by people can cause sickness, just as a bite can cause infection. This is why you must take action at the first sign of a rat or mouse infestation.

What to do if you have a Rat or Mice Infestation

At Vespid Pest Control, we recommend that you have the exterior of your home examined at least twice a year. During an exterior examination, we will look for any holes and or gaps that would be inviting to a rodent (remember, mice and rats don’t need a large crack or space to gain entry into your home). We will then make the appropriate recommendations to help close off these entry ways, so we can then start tackling your rodent problem.

Rodent Removal Services

There are various ways we can handle your rodent removal or extermination. Setting up bait boxes and traps are effective options in ridding your home of both mice or rats. Aside from the traditional traps, there are no kill options we can discuss with you that will allow your rodent guests to be released back into the wild.
The most important thing when you have a mice or rat infestation is to take care of the problem as soon as it is noticed to keep the infestation from growing and your family from getting sick.

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