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September 15, 2019

Rat Pest Control – Remove Rats Safely




Rat Pest Control Piney Point Village Tx


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Bees Pest Control Piney Point Village Tx

Rat Pest Control Piney Point Village Tx 

Rodent Control Piney Point Village Tx


Rodents are cute tiny creatures, but that does not mean that we want to share our homes with them. As adorable as their whiskery faces are, they spread terrible diseases through their urine. They use urine to communicate, thus are likely to leave a lot of it lying around. Their teeth can cause you terrible damage if they decide to gnaw your items. You can follow these steps when exterminating them.


1. Identify the pest problem

Ideally, if you have a rodent in your house, it will be one in the beginning. You will hear scratching noises in the ceiling and walls first. Rodents are nocturnal, so they often work in the dark. So, you will hear some noises at night. Another sign is chewed clothing. Rodents shred clothing or upholstery as they gnaw.


2. Know their patterns

The next morning after you hear the noises, look out for their evidence. The first obvious sign will be some poop, which looks like black pellets. They move along walls and tend to avoid open places. Look for caches of food in unexpected places, such as behind furniture and appliances.


3. Identify their location

For you to get rid of rats and mice entirely, you must first identify their habitat. Investigate to know the place the rodents go to hide during the day. Once you are sure of their location, the next steps will be very easy.


4. Exclude the rodents

After you are sure of their exact hiding place, the next step is to aim at excluding them. The technique involves making it difficult for the pests to enter your home. This trick works better on rats than mice, since the latter are bigger. For you to apply this technique, you must seal all the openings, spaces or gaps that are larger than ½ inches. As for mice, all spaces larger than ¼ should be closed.


5. Set Rat traps

The next step is to catch the rodents. When you trap them, eliminating them from your house will be simple. Use effective, safe and trusted rodent traps as they can help you catch a few rats and mice. You may also use rodenticides, but remember that they are toxic so they should be kept out of reach of kids. Do Not use bait in Attics!


6. Employ proper sanitation methods

Sanitation is crucial in preventing rodent infestation. You should maintain the expected cleanliness in and outside your house. When the exterior of your home is clean, rodents will not have a place to stay, so they will not be attracted to your home. Stuff openings like utility pipes and lines by putting copper mesh inside them. Make sure that the neighboring landscape is well maintained and clean. Make sure you dispose garbage at least twice a day. The attic must be sanitized to prevent bacteria from being sucked into your living air space after all rodents are gone.


7. Contact Vespid Pest Removal Company

The feeling of managing rodents without help can make you feel like a hero. However, there are several dangers of trying DYI methods. The traps and bait used to catch rodents might cause injury to you, your family and your pets. The good thing about hiring a pro is that they will get it right on the first attempt.


Bees Pest Control Piney Point Village Tx

Common Questions About Pest Control



Should i use bait in the attic?


We highly recommend against it, rats or Mice will die in the walls or a space too hard to reach?


Can rodents squeeze thru little spaces?


Yes, they can flatten their bodies to get into the littles holes or cracks, thats why the structure must be professionally sealed by pest control experts who know the behaviors of rodents not just any handy man or contractor.


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