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Rodent Removal Services San Antonio

Dangers of doing a rodent removal yourself

Rodent Removals range from the squirrels, mice, rats and birds that find ways into the attic space of your home to opossums, skunks, raccoons and snakes that become an unwelcome guest patrolling the perimeters of your home. Although these pesky varmints may look harmless and be more of a nuisance than a danger, we urge residents NOT to try and preform a rodent removal on their own.

Rodent Removal Danger

Each rodent can oppose a threat not just to the overall safety of your family, but can carry with it disease that threatens your families health. Handling rodents without certain precautions becomes very dangerous, and it is a danger easily avoided by contracting a licensed and experienced Rodent Removal Service to preform the removal for you.

Vespid Pest Control handles each rodent infestation and each rodent removal differently. Each rodent removal service is preformed with your family’s safety and health becoming our number one concern. We often avoid whenever possible laying poison to extinguish a rodent problem. Rodent Poison not only can become fatal to small children and pets who can easily find and consume the poison, it can also cause allergic reaction in humans who come in contact with it. Although poison may effectively kill the rodent, it may create a new kind of problem if the animal dies within the home and begins to decay.

What we consider during a rodent removal service

Each rodent removal process it determined by a number of factors including the species, location of the rodent being removed, and how many rodents you have causing a problem. Due to the drop in temperature this time of year, many rodents invade a home with the intent of becoming a permanent resident for the fall and winter seasons. They create nests and have offspring within the home, and are not as easily scared off or removed.

Animals such as mice, rats, opossums, and raccoons often have their offspring close by, so simply removing the adult, does not completely remove the problem. Some species offspring can survive without their mothers care, which is one problem, as the offspring can soon be noticed causing damages as they rummage for food. Other species depend on the mothers care for warmth, food and protection. When the mother has been removed, the offspring have no way to survive, and die. If this occurs in the structure of your home, the nauseating smell of the decaying bodies will certainly create a problem for your family.

Rodent Removal Services by experienced professionals

Vespid Pest Control offers Rodent Removal Services to San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country. Our services are aimed to solve the entire problem, not simply the most obvious problem at hand. If you have a rodent problem and need a rodent removal service professional, call Vespid Pest Control at 210-909-8858 for a free rodent infestation evaluation and quote!