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October 28, 2013

San Antonio Exterminator Beehive Removals

San Antonio Exterminator; Vespid Pest Control LLC is winding down after this years bee season, but there still may be some swarming dangers due to the extended warm weather in South Texas. As your San Antonio Pest Control Company, Vespid Pest Control provides Bee Removal Services to San Antonio businesses and residents. Our bee pest control and removal services include, Honey Bee Hive Removal, and Bee Hive Removals to extinguish any buzzing danger. Call Vespid Pest Control Service today for a free beehive removal estimate!

Your San Antonio Exterminator

As your San Antonio Exterminator, we make sure that we know all there is to know about the insects and rodents common to our area. In San Antonio bees and the sudden appearance of Bee Hives can become a big buzzing problem from late February until September (but can also last as long as the warm weather lasts). We are educated and trained San Antonio Exterminator(s) up to date with the latest safety tactics and most effective ways to remove bees from your home, careful to cause as little agitation to avoid provoking aggressive behavior.

Although there are over 20,000 different types of bees in the world, in San Antonio you will probably only see Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees and the occasional Killer Honey Bee. Each beehive is made up of three different types of bees; the workers, the queens and the drones. Both the worker bees and queen bees are females, whereas the drones are all male.

Worker bees are the only members of the colony that can sting. The common misconception about bees is that once they sting they cannot sting again. In fact, Carpenter Bees, as well as Bumblebees, can both sting repeatedly, which is unlike a Honey Bee, who will die soon after a sting. Honey Bees have a stinger that is ridged, so when they sting, the stinger gets stuck as they try to fly away, disconnecting the stinger as well as part of the abdomen from the rest of the bees body. However, Carpenter Bees as well as Bumblebees both have smooth stingers, which do not get stuck as they leave a sting site, allowing them to continue attacking their target.

Don’t get stung- Call Vespid to schedule your Bee Removal Service

Taking on a Bee Hive Removal is a dangerous job, regardless of the type of bees that are encountered or the time of the year that they are present. As one of the best San Antonio Pest Control Companies; Vespid Pest Control Services LLC provides San Antonio Texas with reliable and professional Bee Extermination and Honey Bee Removals.

Let an experienced San Antonio Exterminator help you live without the buzzing danger of bees. Call 210.909.8858