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What the Heck is a Vespid?

Since our name change from Stinger to Vespid, we have had many people ask us, “What the heck does Vespid mean”? We don’t want to leave people confused by not answering this question as well as why we decided to call our company Vespid Pest Control LLC.

The term Vespid has been around since the early 19th century. The latin root of Vespid- Vespa means Wasp. The definition that we came across in the dictionary is as follows; Any of various widely distributed social insects of the family Vespidae, which includes certain wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets. So the question at hand now is, why did we choose to use Vespid rather than anything else? The answer is simple.

Why Vespid Pest Control?

As Stinger, we promoted our Logo just as much as we did our name, and although we can no longer call ourselves “Stinger”, we wanted to remain visible and noticeable as the same company. To do so we needed to find a name that could carry the Logo as well as our previous name did. Then we thought of Vespid, it matched the logo with no alterations being needed, and it gives us an opportunity to educate San Antonio.

Regardless of our name, we are still the San Antonio Pest Control Team that is here for you and your infestation needs. When you need pest control, you need Vespid Pest Control Services. Give us a call today at 210-909-8858, and don’t forget to ask about specials we are currently running to help you save and stay living bug free!